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Saving you money

Get your vehicle's defective electronics repaired at a price consistent with its current market value.

Today's cars are attractive, safe and easy to drive. – This is possible thanks to the technology hidden inside. Parking assistance and navigation systems thus facilitate everyday driving.

Nevertheless, these technical aids can sometimes break down, often causing error messages that can immobilise your vehicle. - Moreover, a new electronic unit is usually very expensive.

We can repair the defective part for you:

  • at a price in keeping with the current market value of the vehicle
  • inexpensively
  •  quickly.

Thus saving you money.


How it works

Contact your trusted garage or call us directly. We will happily direct you to one of our partners in your area. You simply need to tell us your post code.

Our contact number, charged at local call rates (from within France), is:
03 88 68 77 40

Our partner then carries out the removal of the defective unit and calls us. The part is collected directly from your local garage and our express courier delivers it to us overnight. In the case of a common problem, the unit is repaired and returned the same day.

In just 3 working days, your car is ready to roll again. This service is the fastest.


The garage is essential

To ensure your complete satisfaction, we work in partnership with competent garages and car dealerships. Our partners guarantee correct fault diagnosis and removal and refitting of the defective parts by professionals. Thus, you can be sure that your car will not present other problems once the unit is installed.

Thanks to this close collaboration based on mutual trust, we are able to guarantee you a full range of competent services:

  • removal
  • transport
  • repair of the defective unit
  • ... and refitting

Everything is carried out to your complete satisfaction.

In order to guarantee the highest quality at all levels we exclusively work with garages or car dealerships. Please be assured that this is only to our clients’ advantage. Thank you for your understanding.


Zero risk

Our services have a 3-year warranty. This is more than for any new part!

If, despite everything, the part repaired by us should unexpectedly break down again, we will of course cover the cost of removal, shipment and refitting, as well as the provision of a replacement vehicle for you. Thus we ensure that you always remain mobile. Your garage will send the bill directly to us, without problems and without excessive administrative formalities.


Time frame for orders

We garantee same day pickup for orders received before 14:30 on workdays. However, in some economic centres the pick up will take place the next workday.

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