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Repairs of defective car electronics


era@c3 Sàrl specialises in the repair and maintenance of automotive electronics. We offer the ideal alternative to expensive new parts. We offer repairs in keeping with the vehicle’s current market value, carried out promptly and at a competitive price. Moreover, repairing defective electronic parts has the additional benefit of being both economical and environmentally sustainable.



The problems listed here represent just a few examples of our activity. Symptoms may vary considerably between individual devices.

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Our services at a glance


Instrument Panels

Also known as dashboards. Failing analogue displays are a frequent problem with many instrument panels. It then becomes impossible to read important data such as speed, rpm value, remaining fuel or engine temperature. Sometimes, dashboards fail completely. In these cases, vehicles may not start up any more.

Another partial failure in instrument clusters concerns the displays. Displays provide important information to the driver such as the calculated autonomy of the vehicle and warnings of fault conditions. Defective pixels can be quite a nuisance and sometimes conceal vital information.


ABS/ESP Control Units

The garage's diagnostic equipment shows various fault entries such as “no communication with control unit” or “faulty wheel sensor”, even though these devices are working correctly. Initially, these errors appear only intermittently, turning permanent by and by. The "ABS" warning light comes on in the instrument panel.


Engine Control Units

Common errors with engine control units are misfires or ignition coil activation faults. Often the engine immobiliser is not deactivated correctly. Sometimes the vehicle will stall once the engine has warmed up.

The following fault codes are registered by the diagnostic equipment. (This list is not exhaustive.)

  • Accelerator pedal sensor P1120 + P1122
  • Fuel pump relay P0230
  • Faulty ignition control


One of the most common problems with displays are missing segments. It is then impossible to read the indicated values. Initially, only a few segments or dashes are missing. The problem worsens until the information displayed becomes completely unreadable.

These pixel or segment errors mean that the values indicated cannot be read correctly any more.


Navigation Systems

CD or DVD read faults are a common type of failure. In the course of time, the read head is getting clogged by dust and can no longer recognize data carriers correctly. The error message "CD read error" appears.

Other problems may manifest themselves in the form of a flickering display or its complete failure. The navigation system is not fully operable.


Air Conditioning Control Panel

The air conditioning compressor cannot be controlled or displays are no longer legible. In some cases, the temperature cannot be set.


Comfort Control Module
These modules are in charge of many aspects. Thanks to them the power windows go up and down, and they also control the vehicle´s central locking system. In the case of convertibles, it is the Comfort Control Module that operates the top. Faults within this kind of module usually translate into the following symptoms: The power windows go up and down by themselves or do not work at all. Sometimes, the vehicle cannot be locked or unlocked any more.


Time frame for orders

We garantee same day pickup for orders received before 14:30 on workdays. However, in some economic centres the pick up will take place the next workday.